Tasini, Maloney to challenge Gillibrand

Jonathon Tasini is definitely challenging Kirsten Gillibrand for New York’s junior senator seat, and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (NY-14) seems like she also will too.

Tasini, who got 17 percent of the vote for the same seat in 2006 against Hillary Clinton, announced his candidacy in a diary he wrote on DailyKos:

“I am the only progressive in the race. And I believe, as do my supporters, that we have a chance to move the Democratic Party in a progressive direction. New Yorkers will have a very clear choice in 2010—-a choice of values and principles,” Tasini wrote.

Tasini is currently president of the Economic Future Group, a national consulting group in the United States. He also writes frequently for a labor and economy blog Working Life.

Congresswoman Maloney attacked Sen. Gillibrand in an interview on NY1 Thursday, leaving little doubt that she intends to challenge Gillibrand in the primary next year:

“It’s troubling to me that she could change her position on so many issues that are important to the country and to the city and the state within 24 hours. And say, ‘I just decided to change my mind.’ I feel that the best way to judge a candidate is not on what they say they will do in the future, but what they’ve done in the past. And her past record is a troubling one to me,” she said.


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