Today’s local headlines

The Greenville Press (no website, no links) reports that Elsie Allan is seeking the Republican nomination to unseat Democrat Sean Frey for the Durham seat in the Greene County Legislature. Les Armstrong, editor Linda L. Fenoff guesses, may also seek the nomination. Fenoff also reports that Greenville legislator Ken Dudley is stepping down, and Republican Greenville Town Supervisor Kevin Lewis will seek his seat.


The Unbroken Circle of Broken Things” by TrutheaterTheater 7 p.m. Sun. June 14 live from Germantown Tune in radio theater from this Providence, RI group. TrutheaterTheater presents a tale about the unbreakable spirit of love. The company mixes shadows, puppets, song, and dance with live and pre-recorded sound to create a captivating 40-minute journey beyond time and space. A cold soul wanders through a desolate land and encounters a tree. She sees the tree as firewood and proceeds with the intention of cutting it down but stops when three spirits awaken from within the tree: a thief, an alchemist, and an albatross. The three ghosts engage the wanderer with tales of times past and yet to come. Each tale unveils a new plane of reality for the wanderer to enter and leave her worries behind. At Germantown Community Farm, 4872 State Route 9G, Germantown, NY. Listen free on WGXC Online Radio, or donations accepted at the farm.


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