Today’s local headlines

Linda Mussmann from TSL in Hudson and the Bottom Line Party is organizing a rally at the County Supervisors Building at 401 State Street, Hudson, at 10:30 a.m. today. Mussmann says there will be an announcement from the County Board of Supervisors Chairman Art Baer regarding the Human/Social Services in Columbia County. Baer has been trying to move the Department of Social Services six miles out of Hudson, even though 65 percent of folks who visit DSS live in Hudson….Former Cairo Town Supervisor Joseph Calcavecchia and former Deputy Supervisor Gerard Aprea are in the Daily Mail today defending their past administration after a recent Comptroller’s Office audit. They say they asked for the state audit in 2004, though it didn’t happen until 2007. They also seem to blame Cairo Town Clerk Tara Rumph. Rumph does charge WGXC reporters different amounts for the same Freedom of Information Act requests….The Daily Freeman reports that the New York State and federal monies are funding ferry service across the Hudson River between Tivoli and Saugerties, as well as replacing a railroad overpass and a 2.5 acre park along the Hudson near Tivoli. The story hints that there is still talk of high speed rail on both sides of the river.


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