Today’s local headlines

The papers are full of stories of outrage over the Columbia County Board of Supervisors attempt to put homeless housing and Department of Social Services satellite station in the St. Charles Hotel in Hudson. The Register Star reports that the Hudson Common Council voted to send the BOS a letter opposing the plan. “I think it’s about time the city of Hudson says it doesn’t want to be stepped on anymore,” Alderman Richard Goetz, R-5th Ward, said, adding, “we want to be consulted. It’s like Iran.” And Department of Public Works Supervisor Robert Perry says the plan would have to go before the Zoning Board of Appeals. Another Register-Star story rounded-up reaction, and showed opposition to the plan will make for odd bedfellows. Tim Shook of the Hudson Valley Economic and Environmental Coalition (the group devoted to supporting St. Lawrence Cement plant a few years ago), is calling for BOS chief Art Baer’s resignation; Chamber of Commerce President David Colby has “concerns;” and Columbia Opportunities Director Tina Sharpe said she was “not on board and not opposed.” CCscoop quoted Don Moore, Democratic candidate for Hudson Common Council President, saying, “It’s easy to read this — they are attacking the city.” In The Columbia Paper, Hudson Mayor Richard Scalera asks, “Wouldn’t it be a good idea to include some Hudson officials?”. Linda Mussmann from TSL and the Bottom Line Party is at Columbia County Common Sense reminding everyone how the the Columbia County Human Services committee voted: Chair—Betty Young of Taconic Yes; Dep. Chair—Lynda Scheer of Gallatin Yes; Roy Brown—-Germantown Yes; Jesse DeGroodt—Chatham Yes; Ed Cross—-Hudson No; Bart Delany—Hudson No; Bill Hughes—-Hudson No; Ray Staats—-Clermont Yes. Mussmann also reports the proposal next goes to the Finance Committee and then the full board of supervisors….CCscoop has a story about a proposed 100-unit housing project in Stockport between Route 9 and Chester Avenue in the hamlet of Stottville….Union College is reporting that Tivoli’s Bard College athletics are joining the Liberty League.


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