Today’s local headlines

The Town of Copake is currently $7,200 in the hole, and may face a $160,000 deficit, according to The Columbia Paper. The story lists several reasons for the shortfall in revenue, but this is the most startling: “Fines and forfeiture revenues for the year were expected to come in around $105,000, but halfway through the year only $11,220 has been received, with an $82,000 shortfall expected by the end of the year.” Huh?….The Register-Star reports that Republican and Conservative John Porreca will face Democrat Donald Moore to replace Hudson Common Council President John Cody, who is not seeking re-election….The Shamrock House of East Durham may face be auctioned off due to a foreclosure caused by the sub-prime mortgage crisis, Dick May reports in his Seeing Greene blog….Greene County may lose $700,000 in tax revenue they have already budgeted because of the New York State’s Senate’s continued play-acting, according to The Daily Mail. Instead of doing any actual work on Friday, the Senate worked together for a few minutes Friday to wish one of their own Senators, Owen Johnson, a happy 80th birthday, according to Capitol Confidential.


Angus Martin 9 p.m. at the Black Swan 66 Broadway in Tivoli, 845-757-3777.


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