Columbia County ArtsWalk 2009

The 15th annual Columbia County Council on the Arts event runs Oct. 9-18 in various Hudson locations. WGXC is official radio station of the ArtsWalk, and will provide several live web streams of ArtsWalk events, and make other recordings including interviews with artists, and others involved. Tune in at


Fri. Oct. 9 at Spotty Dog
6 p.m. Millay Colony writers Melissa Sandor and Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi; visual artists Sabeen Raja, Darren Floyd; and composer Thomas Smith /8:30 p.m. Yukari Roja, Jackson Emmer & Trevor Wilson.

Sat. Oct. 10 at Cannonball Factory
1:30-4:30 writers Philip Gefter, Dave King, Karen Schoemer

Sat. Oct. 10 at Jason’s Upstairs
4 p.m.-midnight Slinky Armadillo Art and Music Kids Show; Tommy Sharp; Experiencing Echo with Chelle Mayer and Andrew Joffe; UpStage Productions presents an exerpt from “Gypsy”; Robin O’Herin; Cathy Johanson; Chavisa Woods; HVAPA Belly Dancers & Steve Collins; NoBody Parts (Damara & Ngonda); Hudson City Ramblers; DJ Dizzy

Sun. Oct. 11 at Cannonball Factory
2-4 p.m. with Bindlestiff Circus

Thu. Oct. 15 at Spotty Dog
7 p.m. Hudson Talbott reading/Frank Cuthbert performing from “River of Dreams”

Fri. Oct. 16 at Cannonball Factory
5:30-6:30 p.m. Abby Lappen, Barbara Cobb, Peter Tenerowicz

Fri. Oct. 16 at Marianne Courville Gallery
6 p.m. literary reading incl. Sam Truitt, Irene Mitchell, Mary-Beth Hughes (if internet connection)

Sat. Oct. 17 at Musica
noon-4 p.m. Ngonda Badilla, Damara Rose

Sat. Oct. 17 at Cannonball Factory
1-7 p.m. Carole Maso, Kate McLeod, HVAPA Ballet, Ampersand

Sat. Oct. 17 at Savoia
5-9 p.m. bands by Musica Evan Randall, Mama Lama, Yukari Roja, Bella’s Bartok

Sun. Oct. 17 at Cannonball Factory
1-3:30 p.m. music

Sun. Oct. 18 at Spotty Dog
7 p.m. reading with Rebecca Wolf, Wayne Koestenbaum

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