Town of Durham board meeting

Click here to listen to an mp3 sound recording of tonight’s Town of Durham board meeting. Plays in Quicktime Player. Will not play in Internet Explorer. You need Quicktime Player Pro to download the file.

At tonight’s Town of Durham meeting, the board voted 5-0 to impose a six month moratorium on any site plan approvals involving resorts. “Our goal is to take a look at the site plan law and rework it and make sure we aren’t losing any valuable resources,” said Durham town lawyer Tal Rappleyea. He said several resorts in town were being turned into single- or two-family homes or agriculture uses, and a member of the audience remarked, “we keep losing rooms.” So the town board will rework the site plan law before June 15 to help the local tourist industry. The town board also made a, “motion that Tal submits further motions.” This, apparently, lets Rappleyea appeal a recent judge’s ruling in the town’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit from Weldon House, which wants to put a motocross track in Durham. The town will now again attempt to dismiss the lawsuit.


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