Seeing Greene: breaking bad news

Dick May’s Seeing Greene blog breaks several stories this week, all of them bad news:

*Catskill Mountain Foundation, in Hunter, published the “final” month of their The Catskill Mountain Region Guide monthly magazine, or is scaling back to a smaller size with shorter versions of longer web-based articles in the print version.

*InsideOut magazine (we had noticed their web site has been down several weeks) is also scaling back in Athens. “Publisher/editor Owen Lipstein feels ‘uncertain’ about the future but is keen to sustain the magazine, perhaps as a quarterly and an on-line periodical,” reports May.

*The Union Mills condominium project on Main St. in Catskill is “eighty-five percent complete and on budget,’ says Jim Cunliffe, the project’s originator and hands-on manager; but the Long Island investors have declined to commit to supplying the last quarter of projected capital,” writes May. So plans there are on hold.


One Response

  1. I am neither for or against this ruling. As a blog though, it would appear this is a one-sided approach. I do not think this radio station intends to be one sided, but by posting this blog without any opposition certainly limits the reader to the Democratic Party position.

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