Alexander Turnquist and Kelli Rudick at Hudson Opera House Saturday

The Hudson Opera House hosts Kelli Rudick and Alexander Turnquist at 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 30, and WGXC Online Radio will also provide a live audio webcast at by clicking on a link at

Alexander Turnquist is one of Hudson’s best musicians. Do not take our word for it:

Pitchfork Media says, “By embedding both new age and noise-oriented electronic themes into his pastoral pieces, Turnquist unites disparate traditions and ideals, essentially employing sonic counterweights to construct 57 minutes that are as surprisingly dynamic as they are perfectly beautiful.” – Grayson Currin (Pitchfork Media)

Mojo Magazine says, “Turnquist layers his six and twelve string guitar instrumentals with electronic drones, piano and vibes. This first widely available release is a filmic beauty, its chilly pastoralism distinguished by the physicality of his playing”

The Silent Ballet named his album #6 of 50 of 2009’s best.

“If the album’s title is any indication, Alexander Turnquist has crafted a very dynamic poem of dreamful instrumentation; horizontal simplicity intertwines with vertical complexity in ways that recall the workings of the mind at rest, a permanent harmony of acoustic neurotransmission bristling with small, but enormously significant events in the form of short keys, violin, and cello interventions. The twelve-string guitar functions as the bloodstream of this impressionistic system, taking its textures and minimalist developments forward, backward, sideways, and everywhere in between. Like both a system and a poem, the movements in this music are rhythm and harmony-based, a continuous flow of ideas made in precise short movements that gradually build a greater whole – a whole that is one of this year’s best, one of those albums that is a practically must-listen regardless of musical preference.”(David Murrieta)

Kelli Rudick: Born in the states but raised in Israel, Kelli Rudick spent endless hours playing in the echoing sound of the bomb shelter just outside the family’s house on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. In 2007 Kelli released ‘No One Knows You’re Foreign’, a distinctive work introducing her unique way of accentuating emotionally complex compositions by drawing percussive rhythms from the fretboard and body of the guitar while coaxing chordal melodies and harmonics from the strings. Kelli Rudick has collaborated with notable artists including Nick Zammuto of the aleatoric electro-folk duo The Books, Alon Leventon of the project Drops of Conciousness and the electro-indie group Zigmat, and recorded and toured with internationally acclaimed guitarist Kaki King. She’s scored music for Queer Eye For The Straight Girl, ‘The L Word’ fashion show, and the films ‘A Night in the Sunlight’ and ‘Absolutely I Do’. Kelli has toured throughout the United States and Europe, and has played extensively in her adopted hometown including shows on the main stage of The Knitting Factory, the Blue Note, Galapagos, the Cutting Room, a month-long residency at the Living Room, and headlining a full house fronting her five-piece band at Joe’s Pub in New York City.

Click on WGXC or WGXC Newsroom for more information.

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