Chatham continues to violate DEC order

Mike McCagg of ccScoop reports the Village of Chatham continues to violate a 2009 Order of Consent issued by the DEC, discharging more than 365,000 gallons of wastewater on six occasions in 2007 and 2008, and as recently as Jan. 25 of this year. ccScoop says Mayor Paul Boehme says the violations mostly happen during heavy rains, and Chatham is working to reduce infiltration to the system through manhole covers and other openings, to reduce input from those properties that exceed their limits, and to target people who discharge their sump pumps into the system in violation of village codes. While that would be enough of a problem for most towns, McCagg also reports that:

The capability of the wastewater system has been the center of discussion as officials examine the potential of expanding the Village’s water and wastewater lines outside the village boundaries to accommodate a new Price Chopper supermarket proposed to be constructed near the existing store. The developer of the proposed 45,000-square-foot store, Schuyler Companies, has approached village officials about extending the lines and various dollar amounts have been discussed for the extension. The project is also under review of the Ghent Town Planning Board.

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