“Axial Drumming with Preverbs I” by George Quasha

Video, drum performance, and text (preverbs) by George Quasha

Axial Drumming with Preverbs I from George Quasha on Vimeo.

First full live performance of “Axial Drumming with Preverbs” using digital LED of Preverbs text (presentation design by Susan Quasha) on the occasion of a benefit concert at Nicole Fiacco Gallery in Hudson, New York, for WGXC radio station –“Hands-on Radio 90.7 FM,” a high-level community radio project (see WGXC.org).

Event organized by Paul Smart and Max Goldfarb for WGXC (Galen Joseph-Hunter, Executive Director; Tom Roe, Program Director; Kaya Weidman, Station Manager).

See quasha.com for meanings of “axial” and “preverbs.”

Click on WGXC or WGXC Newsroom for more information. Send news, tips, etc. to news@wgxc.org.


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