Stephen Hannock: Thomas Cole with a Power Sander

Sunday April 11, 2 p.m. @ Thomas Cole House, 218 Spring St., Catskill.

Internationally known artist Stephen Hannock will speak at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site this Sunday, and sign copies of a new book about his artwork. Cole has been “a reference point” for Hannock, whose virtuosic use of light – as well as a power sander – has landed his paintings in museum collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Art Historian Jason Rosenfeld describes Hannock’s work as “both distinctively modern as well as reflective of landscape traditions….Hannock, in his radical technique is a true American luminist. His paintings, multi-layered in both surface and meaning, radiate in a manner that connects past and present.” Robin Young will be covering this Sunday’s talk for the popular NPR radio program “Here & Now.” She is a Peabody Award-winning documentary filmmaker who has also reported for NBC, CBS, and ABC television, and for several years was substitute host and correspondent for the Today Show. “Here & Now” is Public Radio’s daily news magazine, bringing the news that breaks after “Morning Edition,” and before “All Things Considered.” Tickets are $8 per person, or $6 for members, and admission is first-come-first-served.

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