Defrosted audio

“Defrost” was a fundraiser for WGXC March 20, 2010 at Spotty Dog Books & Ale with a number of amazing performances. Really, this was a special night with some incredible performances. Below are links to mp3 audio recordings of performances that night. They may not play in Internet Explorer, try a different browser. You may need Quicktime Pro Player to download files.

Rob Hervey performed first, and you can hear all but the very beginning of his performance here, or by pasting this url into your media player:

After Hervey, DJ Lunar Moon (who can be heard Thursdays at PM Wine Bar) kept everyone happy until Evan Randall (pictured, above right) performed. Listen to his mp3 here, or insert this code:

Catskill’s Brian Dewan (right) followed with a set that included “Our Ever-Improving Village,” which one could surmise draws locally for some of its descriptions and metaphors. Dewan is pictured at right, and his set’s mp3 can be heard here, or by inserting:

Lady Moon kept the auto harp flava going, with her set here, or here:

Matthew O’Koren (below, right) did some comedy while standing up, which you can hear here, or here:

Alexander Turnquist (below) finished up the night on guitar, with some vibes help from O’Koren. Click <a href="
“>here to listen to the mp3, or insert:

Click on WGXC or WGXC Newsroom for more information. Send news, tips, etc. to


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