Deadline for WGXC program applications


  • WGXC Program Application
    Download PDF to apply to host a show on WGXC.E-mail or mail them in to or WGXC, 5662 Rt. 23, Acra, NY 12405.

    Program Applications received:

  • JoAnn Piazzi and Peter Lerner (Windham)
  • Interview show: Politicians, officials, volunteers, activists.

  • John Cleater (Columbiaville)
  • Music: international psychedelic music from 1969.

  • Matthew Slaats (Staatsburg)
  • Arts Talk: Hudson Valley arts.

  • Max Goldfarb (Hudson)
  • “Incident Report”: soundworks, talks, interviews.

  • Terence Doyle (Delhi)
  • “Imprint” regional music show.

  • Chrissy Budzinski (Catskill)
  • Music: local music.

  • Laura Kunreuther and Max Goldfarb (Hudson)
  • Jeffrey P. Moore (Copake)
  • Music: alternative, electronic, chill.

  • Bear (New Baltimore)
  • Kaleidoscopic quilt of sonic ear and mind candy.

  • Tony Fallon (Durham)
  • Music: Irish.

  • Jason Costello (Freehold)
  • Music: hair metal bands.

  • Linda Karlsson (Catskill)
  • Health and wellness.

  • Jim McCabe (Claverack)
  • Music: “The Tiki Bar”: Cocktails, tropical drinks, entertainment, always a relaxing island atmosphere.

  • Ted Banta (Cairo)
  • Local real estate.

  • Christina Malisoff (Hudson)
  • Interview show: authors, artists, activists, unnoticed.

  • Sandy McKnight (Hudson)
  • Talk/music with local guests from the arts.

  • Andrew Amelinckx (Catskill)
  • History, art, literature.

  • Studio Stu (Kingston)
  • Music: jazz improv.

  • Barbara Sturman (Lexington)
  • Teen radio, interviews, etc.

  • Steve Charney (Saugerties)
  • Children’s/family comedy show

  • Bill Schmick (Hillsdale)
  • Business and finance.

  • Randy J. Hinz (Columbiaville)
  • Sonny Rock (Windham)
  • Music: local and national independent bands.

  • Susan Robinson (Hudson)
  • Music: House, international, ’70s + ’80s new wave.

  • Francis Robles (Athens)
  • Music: Dance, electro, techno, turntablism.

  • Agroforesty Center (Acra)
  • “Living with the Land”: regional farming and forestry historical and current.

  • Susan Arbetter (Albany)
  • “The Capitol Pressroom”: state government news.

  • Jackie Thomas (Hudson)
  • Music: “Sunday Afternoon” with local, national, and international music.

  • Matt Harle (Beacon)
  • Found sounds, field recordings, music from the Hudson Valley.

  • Cairo Library (Cairo)
  • Children’s reading program, music, and more.

  • Rob Johanson (Hudson)
  • Music: Live recordings from the Red Dot Open Mic (Wednesdays), and other local and regional music and recordings.

  • Brian Branigan (Hudson)
  • “The WGXC Flea” on-air flea market.

  • Dominic Merante (Hudson)
  • Music: Local and national country music.

  • Mark Read (?)
  • Music: music and political conversation.

  • Alan Skerrett (Philmont)
  • Music: jazz, from big band to fusion.

  • Nancy Annette Massey Marron (Cornwallville)
  • Etiquette and social skills.

  • Chuck Sussman (Philmont)
  • Music: Local music.

  • Reggie Madison (Athens)
  • Music: Jazz.

  • Deborah McDowell/Marc Schafler (Hudson)
  • Music: Live from Club Helsinki.

  • Peter Wetzler (Kingston)
  • Music: “Sound Forms” new music composers from around the world.

  • Dawn Collins (Stuyvesant)
  • Music: interview/intentional and transformational music.

  • Dan Seward (Hudson)
  • Music: “Battlefield Earth:” all types of music.

  • Elizabeth Hess (Spencertown)
  • On companion animals and farm animals.

  • Stephanie Hartka (Hudson)
  • Music: Latin American.

  • Michael Gogger (Coxsackie)
  • Psychic show.

  • Norman Douglas (Hudson)
  • Experimental, free-format series: interview and oral history, audio collage, etc.

  • Severine von Tscharner Fleming (?)
  • “Greenhorn Radio:” Hudson Valley-based show for under-40 farmers.

  • Vicki Lagoudis (Catskill)
  • Talk show on alternative healing or spiritual/psychic.

  • Ann Forbes Cooper (Catskill)
  • Interview show: arts and culture.

  • Hank Flick (Hudson)
  • Music: “Excursions with Lunar Moss:” experimental pop and rock.

    E-mail applications by May 1 to or mail them to WGXC, 5662 Rt. 23, Acra, NY 12405.


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