State Senator Seward is a ‘Tenther’

New York State Senator James Seward, a Republican who represents Greene County, is co-sponsoring J4716, a resolution in the State Senate’s Finance Committee to, “Re-Establish our State’s Sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment.” This Legislative Resolution affirms, “the sovereignty of the of the people of the State of New York pursuant to the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.” The resolution requests, “Congress cease and desist from enacting mandates that are beyond the scope of the enumerated powers granted to Congress by the Constitution of the United States.” The legislation also seeks to establish a joint committee on the constitutionality of acts, orders, laws, statutes, regulations and rules of the government of the United States of America in order to protect state sovereignty.” The so-called “Tenthermovement is similar to the pre-Civil War nullification movement (that grew out of the 1832 dispute between the United States and the state of South Carolina over the latter’s attempt to nullify a federal law), and an attempt to make all sorts of programs — Social Security, Medicare, health care reform, etc. — unlawful. H/T The Albany Project.

2 Responses

  1. What you refer to as the “Tenther Movement” in a thinly disguised attempt to diminish the viability of the Tenth Amendment Center, is a movement firmly based on the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution as written and in the original intent of our nations founders.

    It is unfortunate that so many, like yourself and the current administration, display so little regard for our nations premiere foundational rule of law and sadder still that you would equate a valid constitutional movement based on the simple fact that government is derived from the consent of “We the People” and its powers and authority are limited to the specific enumerated powers as defined in the Constitution.

  2. So, does that mean anyone who advocates the separation between church and state is a “firster”?

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