WGXC Newsroom moving again

WGXC Newsroom has moved for the final time:

Recording of Cairo Open Mic

Claude Haton and Harry Gottlieb

Claude Haton and Harry Gottlieb at the Cairo Open Mic, May 28, 2010 at Gallagher's.

WGXC’s Debra Kamecke recorded the Cairo Open Mic, sponsored by WGXC and Cairo Library, as the monthly event finished its seasonal run inside Gallagher’s on Main St. last Friday (it moves to Cairo town park Fri. June 18), with performances from acapella singing group The Cats, poet Tony Fallon, and guitarist Mike Ryan among the performances. This recording got cut off at the end, so the performance of Claude Haton and Harry Gottlieb (pictured) is not included. Click here to listen to an mp3 recording or paste the following url into your computer’s media player:

Rock ‘n’ Roll radio

Ryder Cooley created this poster for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Benefit Show for WGXC Community Radio at Club Helsinki June 19:

Listen to the frog sound walk

Liz LoGiudice
Liz LoGiudice, Extension Educator at Agroforestry Resource Center, led an “Amphibian Adventure” WGXC fundraiser Friday night, giving a “frog walk” across the street at the Siuslaw Model Forest. We listened to peepers, tree frogs, pond frogs, and found tadpoles and snails.

Click here to listen to an mp3 sound recording of the “Amphibian Adventure” or paste this url into your computer’s media player:

Siuslaw Model Forest

Siuslaw Model Forest.

Prometheus Radio Project to host Radio Barnraising with WGXC

Prometheus Radio Project teams with WGXC to hold our 12th community radio barnraising later this year! Radio barnraisings are weekend-long radio-building and movement-building events. Individuals from the local community and participatory media folks from around the country come together to share ideas, experiences, and skills in the launching of a community radio station.

The overwhelming majority of the airwaves have been reserved for a powerful few who take advantage of the complicated technical and political system of media regulation. This inequity in our media system is a reflection of larger structural inequalities in our society. Prometheus’s mission is to build participatory radio as a tool for social justice organizing and a voice for community expression. We work for media justice, seeking to diversify control of the media as a necessary step towards a more equitable distribution of power and resources. We value radio because it is easy to produce, free to consume, and accessible to more people across the world than any other mass media, and we work to help grassroots organizations build communications infrastructure to strengthen their communities and movements.

Prometheus has supported hundreds of community organizations to apply for non-commercial low power FM (LPFM) radio licenses, as well as full power non-commercial license (full power stations). We have also helped build stations, either through providing resources and support or through radio barnraisings, where hundreds of volunteers gather to build a radio station of the course of a few days. These radio barnraisings have helped groups build their base while training a new generation of media organizers across the country. Prometheus has held barnraisings all over the county with eleven groups over the past eight years. These stations have encompassed everything from farmworker unions to civil rights organizations to rural arts groups.

WGXC: Hands-On Radio is a community-run media project in New York’s Greene and Columbia counties. Over 78,000 potential listeners will be able to receive WGXC’s FM signal on 90.7-FM once the station gets on the air with the Prometheus Barnraising in the last week of September. WGXC will be much more than just a radio station, with regular exhibitions and events, ongoing media trainings for our community’s youth and adults, a news blog, and a local calendar of events, community meetings, and resources. The station will serve a media-deprived area between Albany and New York City, a mostly rural area deeply rooted in agriculture and small industry with small urban centers, and home to a thriving music and arts community. WGXC will be the first radio station of its kind in the area created by and for people who live in the community. With local newspapers and independent media outlets rapidly disappearing from the area, this station offers a important opportunity for journalists and community members to get the training needed to produce high quality local news, as well as the outlet for that information to air.

WGXC will serve as an on-air arena where different and conflicting points of view can come together to share perspectives, acting as a local “trading post” for historic, creative, playful, and informative content. WGXC will provide the tools to make voices heard, and become a vehicle to build understanding. The station will be uniquely decentralized with three main studios spread out across the listening range, allowing broader access and participation from residents of both counties. Partnerships are already forming with schools, music venues, and town halls to live feed from various locations, furthering the scope of the station.

WGXC’s mission is to cultivate and to preserve the unique character of our area, the voices, and conversations of Greene and Columbia county residents, especially those that are rarely heard. “Hands-on Radio” captures the essence of this project. WGXC’s participatory environment will bring to life the idea that media is not something that is fed to us, but something we create with our own hands, hearts, and minds.

Performances from Feed the Radio

Sets from “Feed the Radio” fundraiser at Germantown Community Farm:
Click here to listen to an mp3 recording of the set from Lady Moon and the Eclipse: Evan Randall, Peter Lindstrom, Ngonda Badilla, and Milandou Badilla. Or paste the following url into your media player:

Click here to listen to an mp3 recording of the set from Moonlight in Paris: Young Paris with Lady Moon. Or paste the following url into your media player:

Click here to listen to an mp3 recording of the set from Hi-NRG. Or paste the following url into your media player:

Feed the Radio fundraiser today in Germantown


Lady Moon and the Eclipse (Evan Randall, Peter Lindstrom, Ngonda Badila, Milandou Badila)
Moonlight in Paris (Lady Moon and Young Paris)
Hi NRG with Giorgio
DJ Dance Party
(Sound by Tom Morini)


Making radio: real live tools for real local radio
Meet upstairs in the barn.
From asking good questions to pressing the right buttons, we’ll be producing some short interviews and field recordings while engaging the skills needed to make radio that really represents. Dharma Daily and Emily Bennison will share their expertise and lead us through.

Joining the airwaves: The WGXC radio station “barnraising”
Meet downstairs in the barn.
Capacity Building for Community Building:
WGXC community radio is really rolling. The station launch date is set for late September, and Prometheus Radio Project has chosen us to collaborate with to produce a huge event called a Radio barnraising. Radio barnraisings are weekend-long radio building and movement building events. Individuals from the local community and participatory media folks from around the country come together to share ideas, experiences, and skills in the launching of a community radio station. This is an extremely exciting opportunity for those interested in community radio to get involved and get trained! Come find out more about this event, see a couple short films of other barnraisings, and become a part of making it happen. Cory Fischer-Hoffman of Prometheus Radio Project and Kaya Weidman of WGXC: Hands-On Radio will guide us through.

Food and farmland access
Our regional resources and strategies meet by the tables or in the house
With Ashley Loehr of Fog and Thistle CSA and some other farmers.

Farm Tours

Meet by the washstand next to the barn.
Cruise around the property with the farmers here on the land and hear of the successes, as well as the trials and tribulations of the soil, the seasons, breaking new ground, marketing, and various earthly forces that affect what they grow, how they grow, and what happens.

Labor of Love: get yer hands dirty!
Meet at the greenhouse.

With the farmers: Don’t feel like going to a workshop, and just want to get your hands in the dirt? Luckily, there’s plenty to do! Come see the glamorous side of farming by picking rocks and planting potatoes, and help the farmers enjoy the party by getting some big work done.

Tune in today live from Germantown Community Farm.
Click here to listen to live web stream.

Or paste this url into your computer’s media player:

A Rock ‘n’ Roll Benefit Show for WGXC Community Radio at Club Helsinki

J.P. Harris and the Tough Choices, just plain country from Brattleboro.

The Weight: American rock ‘n’ roll from Brooklyn

Happy Birthday: Sub-Pop recording artist from Brattleboro.

9 p.m., Sat. June 19 at Club Helskini, 405 Columbia St., Hudson, NY 12534
Tickets are $10 for WGXC Founding Members in advance; $12 for others in advance; and $15 for all at door. All proceeds will go to help launch the very exciting new community radio station for Columbia and Greene counties, WGXC. Check out http://www.wgxc.org for more info.

On Saturday, May 19, three bands will take the newly-opened stage of Club Helsinki by storm. Comprising an unrelenting cross-section of American music today, all three acts have more than just old friendships in common: None of them have left a stage in the last year without everyone in the room sweaty, wild-eyed, and screaming for more. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see three bands that are truly shaking the foundations of independent music, all on one stage.

Because of their love for independent community radio, these bands are travelling all the way to Hudson to play this blowout benefit for this area’s soon-to-be very own community radio station, WGXC: Hands-On Radio. The station is gearing up for its grand launch onto the airwaves this fall, and just needs to raise the remaining bucks to do so. So come out, get moving, and help make it happen.

for more info check out:

The Weight: If this doesn’t move your body, all hope is lost. “While there’s certainly no shortage of classic rock / Americana revival bands in Brooklyn these days, The Weight… have the drawl and enthusiasm to make the rest sound like they’re reading off cue cards.” -Vice Magazine

Happy Birthday, with their self-titled debut on Sub Pop records (L7, Nirvana, Reverend Horton Heat, etc.) are making waves. Poppy, sour-bubblegum waves. The kind that makes you keep chewing even though it makes your mouth water too much, your eyes tear, and your feet propel your body up and down off the floor. The kind of wave that makes you smile and dance until it hurts. A lot.

J.P. Harris and The Tough Choices play old-fashioned Honky Tonk. Period. If you wanna two-step, if you wanna cry in your drink, or if you just like scruffy young fellas in Wranglers, find them in a low-lit roadhouse near you.

WGXC Founding Members get a discount. Type in “wgxc” in discount box.

Hudson Farmer’s Market opens today

WGXC’s Kaya Weidman will have a table about community radio at the first day of this year’s Hudson Farmers Market, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. today in the parking lot at the corner of Columbia and 6th Sts. Master Gardener Donna Peterson will be available on the market’s opening day to help customers choose and care for the right plants for Mother’s Day gifts or for the start of the new growing season.

Amphibian Adventure

Amphibian Adventure!
A Fund-Raiser for WGXC Community Radio

May 21, 2010: 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension of Greene County Agroforestry Resource Center
6055 Route 23, Acra, NY 12405

Support your local community radio station and listen to the sounds of our resident frogs – all in one, fun evening! This family-friendly program will include a brief, indoor presentation on frogs and salamanders by Dr. Richard Wyman and an evening walk to the ponds at the Siuslaw Model Forest to hear the dulcet tones of spring peepers and other evening sounds. This program will be recorded for broadcast on WGXC!

Deadline for WGXC program applications


  • WGXC Program Application
    Download PDF to apply to host a show on WGXC.E-mail or mail them in to info@wgxc.org or WGXC, 5662 Rt. 23, Acra, NY 12405.

    Program Applications received:

  • JoAnn Piazzi and Peter Lerner (Windham)
  • Interview show: Politicians, officials, volunteers, activists.

  • John Cleater (Columbiaville)
  • Music: international psychedelic music from 1969.

  • Matthew Slaats (Staatsburg)
  • Arts Talk: Hudson Valley arts.

  • Max Goldfarb (Hudson)
  • “Incident Report”: soundworks, talks, interviews.

  • Terence Doyle (Delhi)
  • “Imprint” regional music show.

  • Chrissy Budzinski (Catskill)
  • Music: local music.

  • Laura Kunreuther and Max Goldfarb (Hudson)
  • Jeffrey P. Moore (Copake)
  • Music: alternative, electronic, chill.

  • Bear (New Baltimore)
  • Kaleidoscopic quilt of sonic ear and mind candy.

  • Tony Fallon (Durham)
  • Music: Irish.

  • Jason Costello (Freehold)
  • Music: hair metal bands.

  • Linda Karlsson (Catskill)
  • Health and wellness.

  • Jim McCabe (Claverack)
  • Music: “The Tiki Bar”: Cocktails, tropical drinks, entertainment, always a relaxing island atmosphere.

  • Ted Banta (Cairo)
  • Local real estate.

  • Christina Malisoff (Hudson)
  • Interview show: authors, artists, activists, unnoticed.

  • Sandy McKnight (Hudson)
  • Talk/music with local guests from the arts.

  • Andrew Amelinckx (Catskill)
  • History, art, literature.

  • Studio Stu (Kingston)
  • Music: jazz improv.

  • Barbara Sturman (Lexington)
  • Teen radio, interviews, etc.

  • Steve Charney (Saugerties)
  • Children’s/family comedy show

  • Bill Schmick (Hillsdale)
  • Business and finance.

  • Randy J. Hinz (Columbiaville)
  • Sonny Rock (Windham)
  • Music: local and national independent bands.

  • Susan Robinson (Hudson)
  • Music: House, international, ’70s + ’80s new wave.

  • Francis Robles (Athens)
  • Music: Dance, electro, techno, turntablism.

  • Agroforesty Center (Acra)
  • “Living with the Land”: regional farming and forestry historical and current.

  • Susan Arbetter (Albany)
  • “The Capitol Pressroom”: state government news.

  • Jackie Thomas (Hudson)
  • Music: “Sunday Afternoon” with local, national, and international music.

  • Matt Harle (Beacon)
  • Found sounds, field recordings, music from the Hudson Valley.

  • Cairo Library (Cairo)
  • Children’s reading program, music, and more.

  • Rob Johanson (Hudson)
  • Music: Live recordings from the Red Dot Open Mic (Wednesdays), and other local and regional music and recordings.

  • Brian Branigan (Hudson)
  • “The WGXC Flea” on-air flea market.

  • Dominic Merante (Hudson)
  • Music: Local and national country music.

  • Mark Read (?)
  • Music: music and political conversation.

  • Alan Skerrett (Philmont)
  • Music: jazz, from big band to fusion.

  • Nancy Annette Massey Marron (Cornwallville)
  • Etiquette and social skills.

  • Chuck Sussman (Philmont)
  • Music: Local music.

  • Reggie Madison (Athens)
  • Music: Jazz.

  • Deborah McDowell/Marc Schafler (Hudson)
  • Music: Live from Club Helsinki.

  • Peter Wetzler (Kingston)
  • Music: “Sound Forms” new music composers from around the world.

  • Dawn Collins (Stuyvesant)
  • Music: interview/intentional and transformational music.

  • Dan Seward (Hudson)
  • Music: “Battlefield Earth:” all types of music.

  • Elizabeth Hess (Spencertown)
  • On companion animals and farm animals.

  • Stephanie Hartka (Hudson)
  • Music: Latin American.

  • Michael Gogger (Coxsackie)
  • Psychic show.

  • Norman Douglas (Hudson)
  • Experimental, free-format series: interview and oral history, audio collage, etc.

  • Severine von Tscharner Fleming (?)
  • “Greenhorn Radio:” Hudson Valley-based show for under-40 farmers.

  • Vicki Lagoudis (Catskill)
  • Talk show on alternative healing or spiritual/psychic.

  • Ann Forbes Cooper (Catskill)
  • Interview show: arts and culture.

  • Hank Flick (Hudson)
  • Music: “Excursions with Lunar Moss:” experimental pop and rock.

    E-mail applications by May 1 to info@wgxc.org or mail them to WGXC, 5662 Rt. 23, Acra, NY 12405.

    Feed the Radio benefit May 15 in Germantown

    Germantown Community Farm

    Germantown Community Farm

    The “Feed the Radio” benefit will be held from 3 p.m. on with an afternoon of activities, workshops, and radio fun! Stay for a delicious dinner and silent auction, followed by an evening of lovely live music and a DJ dance party! This we are hosting a joint benefit party for WGXC, our new local community radio station, and to sponsor low income shares for Fog and Thistle CSA (formerly known as Germantown Community Farm CSA). Come have a great time and help us deliver homegrown radio and food to our community!
    Suggested donation is $10-$25

    Camping in the orchard is welcome! Bring tents, bedding, flashlights. Accomodations in the house and barn are limited; let us know if you need them. Children are welcome!

    We also need volunteers to help before, during and after the event, as well as items for the silent auction. Anything you can throw in is most appreciated!

    For details check out: www.germantowncommunityfarm.blogspot.com or email Kaya at kaya@wgxc.org.

    The farm is located at 4872 State Rt 9G, Germantown NY. 518-537-6139.

    Startup Greene-Columbia radio station raises $28K

    From Ariel Zangla in The Daily Freeman:

    The fundraising deadline to help community radio station WGXC get on the air has been extended until July 1, the program director says. Tom Roe said that, as of Friday, the station has raised 40 percent of what it needs to match a $71,486 grant provided by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration through its Public Telecommunications Facilities Program. He said the station has raised $28,357, but still needs another $43,128. “It’s been going very well so far,” Roe said of the fundraising. He said $5,000 was raised in the past two weeks to get the deadline extended from March 31 to July 1. Roe said the money being raised will help the station buy the equipment necessary to get on the air. He said the grant, though, will only pay for large equipment, like the transmitter. The grant will fund half of the equipment needed to put the station on the air later this year at 90.7 on the FM dial. WGXC will be a 3,300-watt non-commercial community radio station with shows about local issues such as agriculture, history, the arts and education. It will reach most of Greene and Columbia counties and have studios at the Catskill Community Center and in Hudson. Another studio may be established in Cairo. Roe said the station is trying to get on the air by the end of September and that individuals interested in hosting shows have until May 1 to apply. The application form is available at http://www.wgxc.org. Most of the shows will be hosted by people from Columbia and Greene counties and feature topics of interest to those locales, Roe said. One of the station’s next fund raising events will be an open mic night on April 23 at Gallagher’s, 513 Main St., Cairo. The event will run from 7 to 9 p.m. and is being held in conjunction with the Cairo Public Library.

    Cairo Talent Show winners

    The Cairo Library and WGXC held a co-fundraiser Talent Show Friday night at Cairo Elementary School, that was a grand success. The Daily Mail has a story about the event here. We will post photos and a recording of the event soon. The winners:
    First place: Greg Stewart (played guitar and sang an original song)
    Second place: Josh Adamson, as “Juan” (played guitar and sang an original song)
    First place: James Moore (played guitar along with a backing track of Guns ‘N’ Roses “Sweet Chid O’ Mine”)
    Second place: Alex Hans and Maggie Saez as “Sun and Moon” (played keyboard and sang)
    First place: Keri Mahoney, Colin Mahoney, and Katie Feeney (step dancing)
    Second place: Taylor Matzler and Taylor Nussbaumer as “TNT” (gymnastics and dancing)

    Click here to listen to an mp3 audio recording of the entire evening, or paste this url into your media player:

    Cairo Library/WGXC Talent Show

    (Bill Lawrence will MC the Talent Show.)

    The Cairo Public Library and WGXC are holding a co-benefit Talent Show Friday, March 26 at Cairo Elementary School, on Main St. in Cairo from 6:15 p.m. All types of performers are welcome — musicians, jugglers, dancers, dog and pony shows, hula hoop artists, mimes, rope tricks, poetry readers, whatever talent you have. Performers have all signed up and attended a rehearsal last week. Talent Show will be MC’d by Mr. Bill Lawrence, Greene County Legislator for Cairo, and former science teacher at Cairo High. Mark Patton will also perform music at the beginning of the show. The Pipe Band of Greene County will perform halfway through the show, led by Pipe Major John Gallagher. $5 admission to attend with proceeds to both organizations. The Cairo Library will also have a raffle, and WGXC will sign-up new Founding Members of the community radio station, and sell t-shirts and bumper stickers. Call 622-9864 for more information.

    The Town of Cairo will hold a referendum about funding a bond issue to create a new building for the town library on April 27. The bond will not exceed $3 million and cost taxpayers, at most, $50 a year.

    Youth band performances at Catskill Contra Dance

    On March 12, 2010, WGXC and the Catskill Community Center hosted a benefit at the community center that included a contra dance, and youth bands performing. Here are the recordings of those bands:

    Click here to listen to Jonathan Woodin’s performance:

    Click here to listen to No Solutions’ performance:

    Click here to listen to Seminal Stain’s performance:

    Click here to listen to Loud Youth’s performance:

    Hudson Talbott and Frank Cuthbert at Spotty Dog

    Hudson Talbott readsfrom and Frank Cuthbert performs his compositions from the “River of Dreams” book and play live from Spotty Dog Books & Ale in Hudson Thu., Oct. 15 for ArtsWalk.

    Click here to listen to or download mp3 of Hudson Talbott reading and Frank Cuthbert performance Oct. 15, 2009.