About WGXC community radio

WGXC is a community-run media project, re-envisioning radio as an innovative platform for local participation. Our inclusive programming connects diverse voices, and distributes information across the public spectrum in New York’s Greene and Columbia counties. WGXC will be a 3,300-watt FM radio station in 2010. WGXC Online Radio is currently on the air at http://www.WGXC.org. This is the multi-authored news blog for WGXC, with news items, links, and other stories about Greene and Columbia counties in New York State. www.WGXC.org

WGXC: Hands-On Radio aims to be a self-sustaining community-oriented radio station airing news and entertainment, all with a clear intent to reflect, engage, and educate its listening public and, by extension, the communities it serves. On a broader level, WGXC-FM hopes that through its efforts to give voice to all within the local community, it will help to evolve the region to new times of greater opportunity, more responsibility, increased accessibility and transparency, and a more open discussion of who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we can still move forward. By opening up all governmental meetings via transmission, reportage and archiving, by balancing focus on local businesses, organizations and individuals, as well as the wishes of governing bodies, we hope to reflect both a new level of sophistication amongst our residents, as well as longstanding concerns specific to where we live. In doing so, we are hoping to better the climate for all community-minded projects within our region.

Tom Roe
Kaya Weidman
Galen Joseph-Hunter

Studio Locations
Cairo at Wave Farm.
Catskill in Catskill Community Center.
Hudson at 704 Columbia St.

Radio Council
Dharma Dailey, Haines Falls
Max Goldfarb, Hudson
Hosneara Kader, Hudson
Debra Kamecke, Catskill
Christina Malisoff, Hudson
Kathleen Packard, Greenville
Tom Roe, Acra
Alan Skerrett, Valatie
Paul Smart, Catskill
Hudson Talbott, Cairo
Andrew Turner, Cairo
Kaya Weidman, Germantown

Learn more about WGXC here.

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